Schuessler Tissue Salts

This section has the purpose of providing you some insight into a unique system of natural healing. I utilise two different methods, one based on the discovery of Dr Schuessler and one based on the Blackmores Celloid minerals. Both are briefly explained.

In this type of healing, there is great potential through a wealth of accumulated knowledge and experience which, properly understood in depth and applied accurately, can bring untold benefit both to yourself and to your family.

I was only able to master this modality after many years of research and clinical practice, after treating thousands of patients of all ages and conditions.

This therapy consists of a number of minerals, prescribed according to symptoms that the patient presents.

Cell salts (also called tissue salts or Dr Schuessler’s Biochemic therapy)

Dr. W H SchuesslerThe founder of the so called at that time “biochemic therapy” is considered to be Dr. W H Schuessler, a German physician.

Dr Schuessler had theorised that certain mineral salts were vital for the regular functioning of the body´s cells. He had concluded further that deficiencies in any of these tissue salts would lead to dysfunction and illness. Consequently, treatment of mineral imbalances in the body by tissue salts must be an essential factor for restoring health.

The five principles of Dr Schuessler’s Biochemic Therapy was as follows:

  1. Disease does not occur if cell metabolism is normal
  2. Cell metabolism in turn is normal if cell nutrition is adequate
  3. Nutritional substances for the body are either of an organic or inorganic nature
  4. The ability of our body cells to absorb and utilise nutritional material is impaired if there is a deficiency in the inorganic material (tissue salts), constituent of cellular tissues
  5. Adequate cell nutrition may be restored and cellular metabolism normalised by supplying the required tissue salts in a finely divided assimilable forms.

It is worth noting that the form of these cell salts is similar to the form of how Homeopathic medicines are prepared.

Schuessler came to the conclusion that missing inorganic mineral salts will cause disruption to the living processes and therefore create illnesses.This results in an inhibition of the cell metabolism. If the missing mineral is supplied the disrupted cell metabolism starts working properly again. Rudolf Virchow (1821 – 1902) Professor of pathology at the Charite in Berlin points out in his Master work “Cellular pathology“ (1858) – “that finally every form of suffering is only based on a disorder in the cells. Only the cell can become sick – the cell, the smallest functioning unit of the human body“ .

Celloid minerals

This is another form of healing using minerals, except that the dosage is different and the minerals are differently prepared. However, although the dosage of these minerals is higher than that of the cell salts, they are still pharmacologically small doses.

The celloid minerals are a method devised by Dr Maurice Blackmore, an Australian Naturopathic Physician. He produced his own tablets and they were given the trade name of “Celloids”.

There are differences in these methods described above and it is beyond the scope of this information article for me to detail the differences and when I utilise one or the other. Suffice to say that both are effective and absolutely safe – providing of course they are effectively and appropriately utilised.

General information:


Symptoms are the body’s warning signals. They are the pointers which, if carefully noted, will indicate the remedy required.

In a case of a cold for example, any nasal discharge will guide the choice of remedy depending on the colour of the discharge (clear, white, yellow, green or mixed with blood).

We need to note all the symptoms before we can select a remedy that will be efficacious for our patient.


In the treatment of some health conditions, particular those of an acute kind, symptoms may change during the course of the treatment, at which time the remedy also needs to be changed accordingly


With appropriate treatment, symptoms are not suppressed so that otherwise any waste matter, is not clogging the system


Some people may be unknowingly suffering from the cumulative effects of suppressive treatments to which they have been subjected in the past and, in such cases, may response to this treatment slow. therefore it is important for the Naturopath to be experienced enough to know when to ‘wait” while the corrective work is being done, and when to change the remedies.


Depending on the person (age, weight etc) and condition, dosages will vary. One could be prescribed ½ tablet to 3 or more tablets. The frequency also varies in many cases, with sometimes dosages taken hourly until improvement sets in, this is especially true in acute cases.


These minerals, properly used by a qualified practitioner are extremely safe and free of any side effects. They can be given to children and adults alike, during pregnancy and breastfeeding and can be combined with other medicines to bring about the desired results.

I think of these minerals as a food that the body needs and works with for improved health rather than “medicines”.


It is important that these minerals are prescribed accurately. This makes them effective in the management of not the symptoms but the cause of many health conditions.

The results obtained from this type of treatment are long lasting.