Herbal Medicine

Herbal CapsulesHerbal medicine today has advanced considerably, even compared to only a few years ago. From the manufacturing process, the use of chromatography and chemical analysis, the standardisation for higher quality, herbal medicines today are an invaluable tool for achieving health and wellbeing.

Herbal medicine is becoming ever more popular in today’s world as people seek out natural medicines for various conditions, medicines that have either zero or minimal side effects, compared to the pharmaceutical drugs whose list of side effects is often much longer that the list of possible benefits. In light of this, herbal medicines are offering a safe and natural alternative for many ailments.

Herbal medicines can be used for healing purposes and to promote wellness. Herbal medicines are not addictive or habit forming, but are powerful nutritional agents that support the body naturally.

A word of caution

‘Not all herbal medicines are the same. In fact, there are vast differences in many herbal medicines that are available. The concentration levels, standardisation and quality assurance in manufacture can be the key to success or failure. At Centre of Health, we only carry the best quality herbs available. Our success is not dependent on sales of herbs and vitamins but on the successful outcomes for our clients. We have no arrangements with any one supplier – we source our herbs from various suppliers according to the purity and strength. Usually the herbs available health food shops and supermarkets are different to herbs that your qualified herbalist will carry. In fact, many suppliers that manufacture quality herbs will only make them available to natural health practitioners who know how to use them safely and effectively.

The strength of the remedy may also vary and has many factors including the variation or strain of the plant or herb used, the growing methods, how it is harvested, the way it has been preserved and the exposure to light, air and moisture during its growth. These are factors that we take into consideration before we order any herbs from any supplier.

Often you may see advertised claims about herbal medicines that are available either on line or in retail shops. We disagree with this as although some of these claims may be true for some cases, every individual person is different and every treatment needs to be individually prescribed.

Herbal medicines, professionally prescribed, are an extremely valuable tool for health and wellbeing.