Naturopaths – Good value for money

Naturopaths – Good value for money

Naturopaths – Good value for moneyIs visiting a naturopath good value for money or is it an expensive exercise that should be avoided?

I pose this question for you in a different way. What is your health worth to you? What is easier, to wait until we have a health problem and then treat or live a lifestyle that gives us better health for longer?

Visiting a naturopath has many advantages to your health and there are countless examples that I have seen at my practice over the years that have produced such positive and rewarding results.

We could of course look at any medicinal drug and as an example list the possible side effectes, which can sometimes be quite a scary experience, versus a natural remedy that, used appropriately, produces no side effectes.

This article is not intended to “replace” medical drugs or treatment – it is simply an attempt to enlighten you about the use of naturopathy and its advantages, in your effort to maintain good health. Naturopathy is not a replacement to medical treatment – it is a complimentary treatment and sometimes we have seen that the use of naturopathy may assist us in avoiding the use of medicinal drugs that can sometimes produce side effects that can be quite serious.

You may be aware of naturopathic philosophy, disease preventaion and healthier lifestyle. However there are many other advantages for visiting a naturopath and while we cannot cover every aspect on this article, here are a few advantages.

Some people prefer to go to a health food shop and purchase their supplements. This always presents with an issue for the consumer. Which brand? Which combination? What about quality and effectiveness? For how long do I take this?

Choosing a good vitamin supplement can be a frustrating ordeal. There are 1000’s of supplements to choose from – some are good, some are total rip-offs

How well will the supplement be absorbed? Does it require co nutrients so would it be better to purchase one that has a combination of nutrients? Supplements do not necessarily exist in isolation (our food contains amounts of many substances for example) and the science of absorption of nutrients, where some are absorbed by only say 10%, needs to be carefully considered. Otherwise we are wasting our money and swallowing nothing, so what results could one expect!

An example may be taking calcium. If we add the mineral silica to this, the calcium gets absorbed and distributed effectively.

In addidtion, there are other questions, such as – What should I avoid? Although herbs, vitamins and other supplements are useful and can have great benefits, we also need to be aware that there are circumstances where we should not be consuming certain supplements.

In pregnancy for example there are many herbs that should be avoided. If someone has high blood pressure, licorice should be avoided as it can actually raise blood pressure. These are just a few examples.

The purchase of supplements without proper knowledge of quality, combination and dosage quantity that should contained in each dosage can turn out to be a very expensive exercise that has no effect on our health. Is it better to have 50mg or 1,000 mg of a particular herb? In which cases? If we combine with another herb, do we reduce the dosage for their combined effect?

Your naturopath is the person who has and continues to carefully study and obtain the information on these supplements, and offer you the best available for greatest effectiveness.

Let us also talk about symptoms. Naturopathy takes into consideration symptoms that we may overlook in our daily living. These symptoms, although they may seem insignificant to you, may assist in leading your naturopath to the selection of very appropriate and effective remedies. Symptoms such a headache for example can vary in duration, severity, area affected such as frontal or top of the head etc. The type of headache such as throbbing or congested also gives us useful information.  Headaches before meals for example may be associated with low sugar levels. Low sugar levels could be related to a pre diabetes condition. Therefore purchasing for example Feverfew that is used for dome types of headaches would be totally wrong in this case.

What about quality? Within the myriad of herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, homeopathic preparations and many more, how does one decide about quality? Is your fish oil tested for mercury and other pesticides, toxins and heavy metals? At what level? Parts per million or parts per billion does make a difference! How is it processed? (Molecular distillation etc, some methods have disadvantages and damage the oil through oxidation or other means). Is anything added? What is the capsule made of? What type of fish is used, wild caught in ocean or farmed fish? (Salmon, tuna, sardines and anchovies are the best sources ). What size fish? (Yes it does make a sigmificant difference). How much EPA or DHA is contained, and which one do you need more?  Is liquid better that capsules? What is your ideal dosage and at what frequency would you obtain the best results? How long should you take it for?

Here are some other interesting questions for you.

How do you measure your stress levels and how you feel? Who is your health mentor, physically, mentally and emotionally? Who do you talk to about things that stress you out, things you are unsure of, who cares about you as a person? Caring about your “disease” (once this happens) is not enough. Naturopathy is about caring for the individual, about having a passion to help people at a level that will make a significant improvent in their lives.

From our diet to how we sleep, from how much water we drink to how our relationships are doing are factors that can affect us in many ways.

Why Visit your naturopath?

He is a professional. You will receive the best treatment and the best remedies available. You will have a committed practitioner to help you in every step of the way. You will have ample time to discuss your issues, you won’t be rushed and you can ask all the questions you like.

The Cause

Naturopathy treats the cause of any health issue – not the symptoms alone.


This is a vital point – ensure your naturopath has the necessary experience to deal with you health concerns and support you to attain a level of health free of disease and symptoms.


Consultations represent quality and value for money. We stock in our dispensary only what we believe to be the best quality products in the natural medicine business. These products represent great value in terms of cost and results. A full range of premium liquid herbal and homeopathic medicines are available as well. Only by using the highest quality products, can we hope to achieve the quality results you are looking for.


Naturopaths utilise scientifically proven, clinically researched and well validated medicines.


Your naturopath undergoes many years of training. Associations also implement a continuous education program so that your practitioner is kept up to date.

If your choice was on taking a drug (or more) for a condition for life or looking at ways to either gradually reduce or eliminate the need for the drug (with your doctors approval) would you think this to be worthwhile?

If you had someone who had spent their lives in helping to prevent disease, maintain a healthy mental and emotional outlook, improve on stress management, do you think it is worth paying them a visit or would you rather “save” money and go for the marketing hype and purhase a supplement that may actually further add toxins to your body and possibly have no benefit? Or worse still, is there an option that we do nothing hoping all will continue to go well?

Once we have a disease take over, medicines, time spent on tests and hospitals and long term treatment with possible side effectes may not be the best way to enjoy life.

The choice is yours. How much is your health worth to you?