Naturopath Melbourne

With experience spanning over 30 years, Melbourne Naturopath, Jim Wood, has the knowledge and expertise to assist you.

Jim Wood - Fertility Naturopath

Hi, I’m Jim Wood.  I have worked as a Naturopath in Melbourne for over 30 years.

My passion lies in helping people become proactive about their health.  I have the knowledge, expertise and resources to guide you in your journey to better health and wellbeing, and to assist you to achieve your healthcare goals.

At the Centre of Health, we strive to ensure you feel involved and in control of your treatment.

I believe in the importance of educating and inspiring my clients.  I work with them to select the best quality and most effective products and actions that work together to improve health and wellbeing.

I consult with my clients and get to the cause of their symptoms.  I examine and explain to them why they feel the way they do.  There is much confusion surrounding health, nutrition and lifestyle these days.  As such, I make it my business to engage in deep analysis and conversations with my clients to obtain a complete understanding of what their expectations and goals, and work closely with them to achieve these.

The key factors in my practice as a Naturopath are education and empowerment of clients, which provides them with the guidance they need to nurture their mind and body.  Continuous intensive research and education enable me to develop personalised treatment plans for every individual and provide the best possible care.  These treatment plans in turn facilitate the best possible results for my clients.

If you are ready to take control of your own health, call me at the Centre of Health on (03) 9699 5549 or book an appointment using the form on this page.  Let me guide you to better health and wellbeing the natural way.

Naturopathic medicine has been used since ancient times, and in today’s society, more and more people are realising the benefits that it has to offer. Naturopathic medicine holds enormous potential to change people’s lives for the better, in a natural non invasive process.

At the Centre of Health, we are here to help you with your personal health concerns.  Whether you have an existing specific health condition or just want to generally boost your health and wellbeing, natural therapies can help you.

The sooner you start your journey, the sooner you will see the benefits.

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*Appointments also available on Saturdays and after hours on weekdays*