Melbourne Naturopath

Jim Wood - Fertility NaturopathHi, I’m Jim Wood. I have worked as a naturopath in Melbourne for 30 years.

My passion is in helping people that are proactive when it comes to their health. I have the expertise and resources to assist you in your quest for better health and welleness.

At the Centre of Health we make sure that you feel comfortable at all times and that you feel in control of your treatment.

It is my passion to educate and inspire, to choose the best quality and effective products and take actions that improve the health and wellbeing for my clients.

I like to get clear about why you are feeling the way you are, what you want to achieve and help you overcome the confusion that resides in health, lifestyle and nutrition nowadays. Education and passion about what I do are key factors, empowering the individual about how to take care of their mind and body. My passion, constant research and education and the personalised treatment plan for every individual enable me to provide the best possible care and for the best possible results.

If you want to take control of your own health naturally and you want to be guided by a naturopath with 30 years experience then contact the Centre of Health on (03) 9699 5549 or contact or make an appointment using the form on this page.



At the Centre of Health, you will be provided with a combination of services that best suits your needs. All services form part of the consultation and treatment plan process and no extra charges apply.

In our clinic we can combine Herbal Medicine, (including chinese medicine) Homeopathy, Nutritional therapy and Iridology. Please refer into each specific area in this website for more information.