How do I choose a good naturopath?

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Medical SymbolThis question is as old as Naturopathy itself. It is understandable that when we want to either have treatment for health issues or just want to maintain our health, we certainly need to have a Naturopath we can trust.

Making the decision to see a naturopath can be a positive step in taking responsibility for your health.

A lot has been written about this subject and we could get carried away writing about this in ngreat detail. There are however some basics we can consider to make this decision easier.

Here are same basics that I have tried to keep as simple as possible:

Your Naturopath needs to belong to a professional Naturopathic Association. This reinforces proper training, continuous education, a professional standard of ethical behaviour and your chance to have rebates from the consultation if you have private insurance with extras.

Your Naturopath should give you the opportunity to ask questions at any time and answer them for you in a way that you can understand and be satisfied.

Consultation time. This can vary depending on needs, however the first consultation lasts about one hour, with your Naturopath asking you many questions about symptoms, lifestyle, diet, stress levels and more.

Listening skills. It is important that your Naturopath carefully listens to you and considers your needs and preferences, while at the same time advising you of the best course of action.

Some may want to consider cost and location – while cost may be a consideration, as long as you are getting value for money and good results, your health is too valuable to be considering a Naturopath that charges “cheaper” rates. Make sure of course that you don’t walk out with numerous bottles of medicines that each cost a fortune. With regards to location, I feel that once you “click” with your Naturopath (which is very important) and it is working well for you, distance should be absolutely no obstacle. Many Naturopaths have evening and weekend appointments as well to make it easier for you. Your commitment mostly may be a once a month visit so you should be able to schedule this easily.

Experience. There is absolutely no substitute for experience. Make sure the Naturopath you choose has the relevant experience. Ask them how long they have been practicing. Look at their website, if they have one, for quality of material and testimonials.

Personal recommendation. This is usually the best form of referral. If a friend can tell you first hand about their experience then you are more likely to feel secure that the practitioner will suit you. If your friend speaks enthusitically about this, it says a lot about the Naturopath.

Nurturing Naturopaths. It’s important to choose a naturopath that you feel comfortable with and who you feel genuinely cares about your health. After all, you’re going to be sharing very personal information and it’s imperative that you feel some affinity with them. Your Naturopath should also have good life skills and the experience to facilitate a process for you for solutions to everyday stresses and things that are an issue for you.

Real passion. You will soon realise if your Naturopath has a passion for what they do and are genuinely interested in you as a person, considering all aspects of your health, including how you feel.

These are the basics in summary that I hope will help you in finding a Naturopath that will help you attain your goals and aspirations for good health –  physically, mentally and emotionally.