DispensaryAt Centre of Health we have an extensive dispensary of herbs, homeopathic medicines and supplements, in liquid form, tablets, capsules and powders. We carry only the best from every supplier and we do so through extensive research on every product before it is decided that we will stock it.

When you are prescribed medicines and supplements at Centre of Health, you can rest assured that you are provided with the highest quality.

We acknowledge the increasing complexity of ailments that are presented to clinics every day and we carefully and continuously research the latest and best quality medicines available. This ensures a strong commitment to research medicines that produce reliable and consistent results.

When it comes to deciding which products to buy and for what reasons, the consumer is in many cases at the mercy of advertising and persuasive marketing strategies. Here at the Centre of Health we take the guesswork out of the equation for you with our research, knowledge, experience and access to all available medicines.

When obtaining natural medicines there are a number of issues you need to consider:

Quality – Is this the best available quality for your particular issues?

Active ingredients – as for example in herbs, if active ingredients are not present in sufficient quantity (sometimes none at all) then treatment will certainly fail.

Appropriate dosage – The dosage needs o be relevant to your age, weight, particular issue and other factors, therefore you need expert guidance for this.

Safety factor – Can you take other medicines as well? Don’t risk your health, get expert advice on what you can mix.

Excipients – Excipients are defined as non-therapeutically active ingredients that do not contribute to the physiological or pharmacological action of a medicine. To ensure the healthcare outcomes that you desire and to minimise the risk of adverse reactions, you should be aware of all the excipients in your medicines.

Do not substitute – many times, the claim that one product is the same as another may not be accurate. At the Centre of Health, although we have a very extensive dispensary, if we do not have exactly what you need we will not give you a replacement, we will order it in for you.