Could it be your gut? Probiotics for health

probioticsThere is a lot of discussion and information about gut health and its importance on health, from simple constipation, to immune conditions and mental health.

Here are some facts that you may find interesting about your gut.

Nutrients from food that provide the fuel for energy are absorbed in your gut. There are billions of tiny micro-organisms living in your gut that provide a balance and assist so many different functions in your body. Different strains of these micro-organisms perform different tasks. Certain illnesses, medications or environmental toxins can adversely affect the balance of micro-organisms in the gut, affecting how we process nutrients and causing unwanted symptoms. Probiotics are a concentrated form of healthy micro-organisms that may help restore the balance of good micro-organisms in the gut.

A healthy gut contributes to good health. There are some simple symptoms that tell you something is out of balance in your gut specifically such as:

  • bloating
  • indigestion
  • reflux
  • flatulence
  • constipation
  • diarrhoea

Don’t assume that you have to put up with these symptoms. The balance of micro-organisms in your gut could be restored with the right probiotic. Get the right advice and you will be amazed by the results.

Quality and strength are vital in ensuring that a probiotic will do what is expected. There are also many different strains of probiotics available that can assist you in many conditions such as skin disorders, infections, digestive disorders and more. Therefore make sure you get advice from your health practitioner with regards to which probiotic to use to ensure the best results. Keep in mind that different strains need to be available in specific amounts in order to provide an effective response. Probiotics should be tested as to their beneficial effects – not all over the counter probiotics are actually tested and some may have no effect at all.

While your practitioner will be able to give you high quality, effective probiotics, here are some examples of foods that you can introduce to your routine for better gut health in the meantime.

Fermented cabbage with a distinctive sour taste. Delivers a healthy dose of probiotics as well as fibre.

This is a fermented milk drink – tastes like drinkable yoghurt.

This is a fermented tea that is lightly effervescent. You may need to try different ones until you can find the one that has the most agreeable taste for you.

The most common and well known fermented food. Not all yoghurts are the same so again either do some reading about it or get professional advice as to what to use. Look for yoghurts that do not contain added sugar.

For further advice on improving your gut health or finding the right probiotic for you, feel free to contact us at The Centre of Health to make an appointment.