Detoxification and Common Problems

Do children need detoxification and digestive care?
Children are particularly at risk of toxicity.
It is often assumed that children and not in need of any detoxification as they are young and it is thought there has not been enough time for them to have any problems related to toxicity.
However we do need to consider that children’s detoxification systems have not matured and are not fully functional. A child’s liver for example starts to function at its peak at around four years of age.
This in turn means that the child is more susceptible to toxicity as toxins are not effectively neutralised. Such risks are multiplied by the inevitable hand-to-mouth behaviour of young children – particularly while they are still crawling.
We do not wish to make this a complicated article by further analysing the immune and adaptive immune system, endogenous and exogenous pathogens, how the immune system is compromised and how exactly natural medicines assist.
Suffice to say that children unfortunately do have problems such as recurrent infections; cold and flu or ear and throat infections, asthma, eczema ADHD, behavioural issues etc.
While the child’s immune system is developing and while after full development children like all of us are exposed to a myriad of pathogens, through the environment, foods and human contact we need to assist them and offer them protection.
While the word detoxification, especially for adults might sound a bit severe when it comes to children, it is important to be aware that this process is gentle, beneficial and necessary for good health and wellbeing, as well as specialised for children’s needs.
Recently there is a lot of discussion about the state of our health and the condition of our gut. Probiotics (the friendly bacteria) are now a specialised area with many different strains available for various conditions. There is no doubt that the condition of the gut and the digestive system as a whole influences our health.