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I cannot tell you how much better I am feeling since the session on Saturday. I feel so much more relaxed and the tension in my neck and upper back is much less. My headaches are gone and my heart is not pumping like mad any more. There really is something to the concept of emotions and stress producing physical symptoms.

I wish Iā€™d been informed and aware to confront it earlier. This was a giant leap down the path to living the healthy and happy life I want to. Thanks SO much. Lynn ā€“ Nunawading

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Male Fertility

First Letter: Dear Jim I thought I would write and tell you of the sperm counts done so far. The first count was 1,000. (Note that this was the case for about 7 years). The test done 6 weeks later was 280,000 which had been a significant improvement which we were very pleased about. The only problem now is that there is no motility of sperm. Obviously no pregnancy can result if the sperm are not moving although under the microscope motile sperm was observed. I wonder if there is something to also encourage the motility process? Anyway thank you for all you have done so far, things seem to be heading in the right direction. HS ā€“ Melbourne Second Letter: Dear Jim, results are 33 million with 50% motility so we are ecstatic!! Our doctor assures us that a pregnancy should commence fairly soon. Things appear to be back to normal after seven years of anguish and uncertainty. I hope I have some good news soon. HS ā€“ Melbourne
Client became pregnant soon after this letter and had a full term healthy baby.

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