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I cannot tell you how much better I am feeling since the session on Saturday. I feel so much more relaxed and the tension in my neck and upper back is much less. My headaches are gone and my heart is not pumping like mad any more. There really is something to the concept of emotions and stress producing physical symptoms.

I wish I’d been informed and aware to confront it earlier. This was a giant leap down the path to living the healthy and happy life I want to. Thanks SO much. Lynn – Nunawading

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How do I choose a good naturopath?

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This question is as old as Naturopathy itself. It is understandable that when we want to either have treatment for health issues or just want to maintain our health, we certainly need to have a Naturopath we can trust.

Making the decision to see a naturopath can be a positive step in taking responsibility for your health.

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